Thursday, 31 May 2012

Grandma always feeds you up.

Hello lovelies :)
Went to my grandmas after work yesterday, was doing well till then, only 2 yoghurts (400). Then she cooked melon, asparagus risotto, strawberries and chocolate! I must have eaten about a thousand calories at least! So I took a couple of laxatives so hopefully some of the damage has been saved.
Today I've eaten a slice of bread with low fat spread (90) and some more risotto (190) and a doughnut (small, 100) so my content so far is 390, plus I've done some exercise on the cross trainer and will be going on the treadmill tonight. taken some more laxatives, so hopefully today wont be too bad.

Love Chloe x

Monday, 28 May 2012

Ready? Lets go.

Hello lovelies :)

Finally starting my diet today, I've got SO  fat!
But let me fill you in on why. I got back with my lovely amazing ex and he noticed how unhappy i am about my weight. So basically, he said to me if i can get down to nine stone by the end of September then he will take on a huge shopping spree. Yay, happy :) So I have new motivation for all those lovely clothes i can buy for my new skinny body :)
Here's what I ate today:

Breakfast: Special Bran Cereal (110)

Lunch: 1 yoghurt with granola (230)

Snack: another yoghurt ( I was at work so was super hungry!) (230)

Dinner: Quorn chicken sandwich (200)
            yoghurt (130)

So that comes to a total of... 770 calories :) Not bad for my first day!

Wish me luck!

Chloe x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

i wish

Hello lovelies :)

Well, I went to the special crazy person doctor today, good news. :) I'm coming off the ridiculous weight gaining pills as of tomorrow, and going on some more that wont make me balloon. yay! I had to talk to this doctor lady for ages, so she could 'assess' me (or be nosey). Mum came in with me cos i find it scarey talking to new doctor people on my own. So I had to sit and tell her about how I think about suicide all the time. just a tad awkward. I think it scares her more than I know.
But anyway, I slept a crazy amount today when I came home from the doctors. My pills make me tired all the time, it's rubbish.
oh yeah, i forgot, if anyone wants to follow me on twitter, just add!/chloe_bissell1 , and maybe you can find out a bit more about me :)
Trying to eat a bit less at the moment to prep myself for my diet, wish me luck!

Lot of love,

Chloe x

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Welcome to me.

Hello lovelies :)

Welcome to my brand new blog. Some of you may have joined me from my last blog 'happiness is skinniness'. I decided that I was going to have a fresh start, which meant a new blog. So let me tell you a bit about my journey over the past year.
I was doing so well, losing weight and slowly sculpting myself into the person that I wanted to be. I was slowly becoming happier, even though you may know that I have suffered with severe clinical depression for four years. But anyway. Over the past few months I started slipping. I was comfort eating for no reason. I then developed Psychosis- a mild for of schizophrenia. I went on pills to treat this which caused me to put on two stone, taking me back up to my starting weight of 155lbs or thereabouts.
So I'm starting again. One day this week, I will start again. I haven't decided which, but it will be this week. I'm more determined then ever now. I will reach my goal weight of 100lbs.
But let me tell you a bit about myself for the new reader or the old friends. My name is Chloe, and I'm 17 years old. I am a massive One Direction fan, which i will be talking about non-stop on here, so sorry if it anoys you, but yeah, that's me. I love fashion design and I hope to do that for the rest of my life if all goes to plan. I have two brothers, I love the little one but the older one hates me. Oh well, can't win em all I guess.
Anyways, I'm rambling. I'm off to see a person tomorrow morning to discuss coming off my weight gaining medication, yay! :)
I will update tomorrow, good luck everyone!

Chloe x